Introduction to Programming

With this course you will learn the basics of computer language programming. You will learn about logical and structured thinking, flowcharts, variables and more. After this you will be ready to take Python 1.

Python II

Continuing with Python, this course will teach you more advanced programming techniques and data structures to develop solutions. By the end of the course you will have the necessary skill-set to engage in more challenging software development tasks and build solutions that can help your day to day operations or big picture projects.

Python I

This course will teach you the fundamentals of computer programming using one of the most popular programming languages: Python. This language is ideal for beginners because it's simple syntax and short learning curve. Despise it's simple syntax, Python is a powerful language that allows you to build automation or even fully fledged websites by using libraries and frameworks. There is also a huge community of developers out there creating new libraries and helping on support forums.

Web Development

Web Development Description

Database SQL


Back-end Dev - ASP .NET

Back-end Dev

React JS

React JS